Full Moon Ritual - Letting Go


I have fallen in love with the full moon each month because not only does it glisten off the ocean like magic but I use it as my time to cleanse. The full moon is a symbolic time of release and letting go of what does not serve you. See below for my favorite Full Moon ritual, if you're looking for one! Any variation will do...as I often say, do what feels right for YOU. 

With this release, you allow space for new thoughts, behaviors, experiences (and people!) into your life.

The process:

·      Write two lists - a list of the things you want to release (relationships, patterns, etc.), and one list of the things you want to manifest! 

·      Read your 'release' list aloud to the Universe and whomever you're with if you're doing this ritual with friends/family

·      After you've read your list aloud - rip it right up! Releasing all that does not serve you into the Universe

·      Light the scraps on fire (in a safe place, of course! preferably do it outdoors or on the beach!)

·      Repeat the process for the NEW list (leaving it to the universe to give and take what is meant for us)

Take a picture of these lists on your phone or write a copy in your journal if you want to keep them for your records (especially your manifesting list!). This way you can notice and become aware of everything that you leave behind and the newness that comes in! Without being attached to any outcome…TRY IT, it feels AMAZING!!