Self-Care is A Mindset: 4 Signs Your Needs Aren’t Being Met


Self-care has received a LOT of attention this year. Probably because it’s fun the way people are talking about it! Who doesn’t want to throw flower petals in a bath or have an excuse to cancel plans?!  

What people don’t talk about is how to approach self-care when it’s not a fun spiritual or wellness practice. How do you care for yourself when you wake up feeling sad or irritated, but you still have a mountain of work to do? Are you going to cancel your morning meeting to make time for your bath? Probably not!  

Self-care practices do not only exist outside of yourself. Their true power comes when you are caring for yourself from the inside out.

There is no one routine we can prescribe; the biggest lesson is that this is ALL a practice in discovering what YOU need and how you can support and meet those needs in every moment. This will require you to be flexible and patient. You may not find the answers right away, but the more you build awareness, the more you will see the importance and the shifts that come when you love and respect yourself enough to take your needs seriously.

Throughout this month, we will be sharing a series of 3 articles to help guide you as you put this practice in motion.

So, let’s start small.

Here’s how you know you aren’t meeting your own needs:

  • You are sweeping things under the rug. If you do not allow your emotions to pass through you, you are essentially putting your low energy into a Tupperware and saving it in the fridge for later. After a while, your fridge is so full of low energy shit you’ve been avoiding, it all spills out onto the floor for you (and likely some people close to you) to clean up. Visualize this next time you default to “putting a pin in it” and make another choice!

  • You aren’t checking in with yourself. This seems obvious, but if you aren’t checking in on yourself, are you really in tune with what’s going on? Short answer: no.

  • You have people in your life that are not meeting your needs. (Ex. Not feeling heard or valued in relationships) People are mirrors. If you are feeling pain or frustration because someone is not showing up in alignment to what you deserve, check in with how you are showing up. Are you showing up, communicating, and making decisions from a place of high worth? High worth = knowing, communicating and expecting what you deserve, having love, respect, compassion, for yourself, true belief in yourself, confidence, etc. etc.

  • You are regularly feeling aggravated, stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and/or out of balance. Something is up! Have you tried to figure out what it is? Have you checked in with yourself? Process what you have to. Acknowledge. Cry, kick, scream. Then resign yourself to move forward and find solutions! How you show up to your life every day is a choice.

Spend some time getting to know yourself. Notice what triggers shifts in your mood. When do you feel really good? When do you feel low? It’s extremely important to be in tune with yourself because YOU are the one that can stick up for yourself when you’re feeling down, support yourself when you’re feeling low, and take ACTION when it feels right. No one else is taking action for you. This is YOUR. Life!


Stay tuned for more on self-care and meeting your own needs. Understand that it’s not just in the luxuries but it’s in your day to day that you can make the most impact on your life and your well-being. Take care of YOU!

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