How to Transition Your Business from Summer to Fall **Spoiler Alert** Start now!


You have one more month of Summer travel and an even more flexible schedule than usual. In a few short weeks, kids will be off to school, everyone will be back at their desks, and you’ll be more called to step into the zone and close the year with a bang!

Yes, there are 4 months left of 2019!

We’re not saying this to scare you, but to prepare you for the natural shift that lies just ahead - Fall.

Like any transition, you may experience anxiety, fear, or resistance to this change. So, we’re here to help you navigate with mindfulness, integrity, and excited energy as you turn off vacation-mode and turn on the thinking/action side of your brain again.

How entrepreneurs can get ready for Fall:

1)      Shift your perception of time

It is SO common that people panic about the end of the year.

“What? It’s already Fall. Where did the year go? Time flies! Omg I can’t believe it’s almost 2020.”

Yes, yes.

But does January REALLY feel like yesterday? If it does, what have you been doing for the last 7 months?!

In our workbook, we talk about shifting limiting beliefs around time. When you make the commitment to be present in every moment, time SLOWS.

You can free yourself from being a slave to the clock and the calendar if you so choose. And it’s the best way to avoid the scaries when Fall starts rearing its beautiful head!

2)      Reflect

  • What has been working in your business so far this year? What hasn’t worked? Learning what hasn’t worked is just as valuable!!

  • How have you evolved as an entrepreneur and leader? What’s one way you will invest in yourself this year?


3)      Re-write your goals

This does not mean that you amend the goals you wrote in January. This means starting from scratch.

You’ve experienced 7+ months.

Things have changed.

You have changed.

The business landscape has changed.

And Instagram has probably crashed 10 times.

Point is – adapt. Using what you know now – what are your goals for the rest of the year? What are your revenue goals? And what action will you take to get there?

4)      Clean your back-of-house

Prepare for big wealth and getting shit done.

What are the tools you’ll want in place? Find or create them!

Update your CRM system, spend time understanding your finances. What learnings are you gaining from your social media activity? Maybe you want to start pulling analytics and tracking KPIs.

Set all that up now so when Fall comes you don’t need to create from scratch, just maintain! Also, your inbox is probably a mess again so clean that up too!!


Aligning with the energy of the seasons will not only make you feel better, but you’ll also be tapping into consumer trends that can help your business. You cannot operate in a vacuum or move throughout the year without changing course. Even if you live somewhere without strong seasons, there are natural energetic shifts occurring that you need to tap into.

Happy prepping!