The Journey to Worthiness

We wrote a workbook called Know Your Worth and you might be asking yourself what that means, what this workbook is about, and why we created it!

This journey was created after Renee and I went on massive INNER JOURNEYS and discovered a lot about ourselves. What we realized along the way is that things were getting in our way were because of our patterns and our sense of self-worth (in other words, WE WERE IN OUR OWN WAY).

We NOTICED that LOW SELF-WORTH meant that we were STUCK.

We were stuck in patterns like:

  • Dating the wrong people (ie. disconnected, emotionally unavailable men)

  • Not asking for money that we deserved

  • Not speaking up when we wanted or needed something

  • Not creating loving connections within our family but living in separation instead

  • Putting unnecessary pressures on ourselves that stemmed from a fear of unworthiness

To name a few…

We realized, that we could shift all of these things and start to create different realities for ourselves. AND that is exactly what we did.

NOW, we’re:

  • In supportive, loving romantic relationships

  • Making the money we deserve!!

  • Communicating OFTEN!

  • Feeling closer with family than ever

  • Feeling more confident in business because it’s coming from a place of worthiness!!

We created this workbook so that YOU could SHIFT in the ways that you know you want/need to. Because, YOU CAN.

This workbook will guide you to:

1.      Know yourself on a deeper level, and become more confident in that person

2.     Understand the inner workings of your mind and mindset, so that you can set out in the direction that you want to head in

3.     Can and are challenging yourself and the status quo, consider new perspectives, and ultimately new heights in your life

…Because you’re worthy of it all!


Our biggest lesson over the last several years on our own personal growth journeys:


Your life is only as good as you decide it will be. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT.


Your situations, environment, friends, jobs -  are all created on how much you believe you are WORTH. And if you’re ready to say that you’re worth a hell of a lot, you will start demanding better of your life.


But first, you must know your worth. You HAVE to check in and also understand what does “better” look like for you? What does “demanding more from your life” look like?


YOU define better, not anyone else. You know what makes you feel good and what inspires you. You know what lights you up (or maybe you haven’t figured that out yet – YOU WILL!)



The workbook is designed like this:

·  Parts 1 & 2: Start Your Healing, and Connect With Yourself

·  There are 14 different topics that are to be covered over 14 weeks (or days if you want to fast-track!)

·  There is a start (sun phase) and an end (moon phase) to each week, ending each week with a series of reflection questions and/or exercises throughout

·  Workbook journaling can be completed in the mornings (for the sun phase) and evenings for moon! (or you can switch it up!)


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Antoinette Beauchamp