Tips on How to Cleanse (Inwardly) This Spring: Look Within, Release, Repeat

Hi loves! Today is the spring equinox, AKA the first day of spring!! So excited for many reasons (did anyone else have a really hard time with the weather/arctic temps this winter?), but mainly, because this is an incredible time and opportunity to release what no long serves you to create space to MANIFEST and bring in the NEW!


What I’m most focused on at the moment in my life and with clients (always), is a massive cleansing of old energy, emotions of the subconscious mind, and taking a deep look at the conscious mind to see what can be shifted and released. I’m going to take you through ways you can clean your energy and your mind.


1.    Past Patterns


Who here has been triggered by the SAME things over and over again? Raise your hand (I’m right there with you). Most of you are nodding “hmmmhmmm”, yes, because there is no one on this planet that does NOT have triggers and patterns that resurface over and over again!


Right now, because of the Full Moon energy as well as the Equinox a lot of your stuff may be coming up from the past. Patterns that you’ve had for awhile, due to emotions and memories stuck in your subconscious mind. Instead of brushing these off and choosing to distract yourself from the problem or challenge, I urge you to look within and dig into these patterns.


Ask yourself: Where does this come from? What childhood trauma is attached to this trigger? Why does this story keep replaying itself? How can I have compassion with myself for said trigger and trauma? How do I want to move forward? What is a NEW way in which I can react to this trigger?


(Reach out to me personally if you are having trouble releasing these patterns and I’ll give you some tips on how to release,



2.    Cutting cords

Cutting cords is something that I have been practicing for awhile. At first, it started with ex-boyfriends (who else?!) ;)), then, specific situations from my past, and most recently I’ve been cutting cords of judgment and stepping into release and forgiveness.


Basically, there are energetic ties that you have with everyone in your life, and probably some people you don’t even know. For the time being we’ll stay focused on who you know: ex-boyfriends, friends, current lover(s), family members, coworkers, etc.


If you have specific people in your life in which you would like to either release from your judgment lock (aka, forgive them), release any anger or resentment you have toward this person, or just release them from your life altogether, a cutting cords exercise would be perfect for you.


Here is a cutting cords meditation for you and whomever you are feeling conflict or tension.


Here’s my Full Moon post for a releasing ritual from person or situation.


3.    Thoughts that no longer serve you


Thoughts can get very heavy and negative, as you know, especially if you’re holding on to certain ideas or perspectives about you, someone else, or a situation.


My favorite way of navigating thoughts and becoming aware of them is: check your emotions first. If you notice stress or anxiety coming up for you, for example, ask yourself WHY. What thoughts are going through your head right now? What is the self-talk or perspective that is holding you back from feeling peaceful about the situation OR joyful about said situation!


If the emotions are not associated with your thoughts, then they are emotions stuck in your subconscious (see: #1 past patterns). Either way, as you see emotions come up, repeat the questions I asked you in ‘past patterns’ and replace the word patterns with the word thought.


Pay attention to yourself right now, and…always. YOU hold all of the answers within, YOU are the one creating your life. Use this time to release and cleanse within.


Take care of you by going within. <3


Love you.





Antoinette Beauchamp