Turning Off Autopilot: How to Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is finally here!! If you’re anything like us, you’re planning out your spiritual practice for the Spring Equinox and eager to clean out your house and bowels (just me?).

What about your business? The other day I went to a meeting without much purpose or intention. I handed over my power to the other person to run said meeting and in the end, walked away like “hmmm I don’t feel so good.” Let’s call this person, Robbi. Robbi was nice, eager, and wanted to work with us.

But at my core, I was not into it and not to sound too Carrie Bradshaw BUT I couldn’t help but wonder why I was running around setting up partnerships that ultimately didn’t align with the long-term vision or even immediate goals of our business.

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So, I stopped myself from all the action and checked in. Found new inspiration and a renewed direction for my energy and collaborative nature.

If you’re operating on autopilot, try the below and give yourself and your business the reset button it deserves.

Ask yourself WHY

Why are you setting up this meeting or call? Why are you hosting this event? Why are you pitching a client you don’t want to work with? Instead of rushing from one thing to the next, take time to understand your intention. If you don’t really know what’s driving your action, then you can decide if it’s something you really want to pursue.

Check in with your vision (or write one!)

Having a vision for your business will help you take conscious action (see last month’s post). But your vision is not something you write once and never look at again. It’s a living, breathing journey that shifts and evolves. If you aren’t checking in with yourself and your larger goal, you may end up going down a path you don’t want. More importantly, you’ll expend a lot of energy in the process.


Read an inspiring book

I love reading thought leadership and psychology/behavioral non-fiction. When I find a good book, I usually take notes on the questions the book evokes that I want to ask myself later. It’s very inspiring – takes me to that brainstorm headspace! I recommend finding a book that sparks that creativity for you. My current read that I’m loving is The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker. 

Clear the clutter

Both literally and figuratively. Ask yourself what actions, habits, or patterns you’re falling into that keep your business from operating the way you want and seeing the results you want. What does your work space look like? How many days a week are you working in your pajamas? The time has come to clear the clutter and make space for the amazing things ahead. Give yourself some time of no action and gain some clarity.