How to Take Continuous Inspired Action in Your Business

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You’re feeling motivated, inspired even, to move forward and act towards the goals you’ve set in your business. You think of all the people you want to connect with, events you want attend, marketing and sales strategies you want to implement. You are so excited you execute right away. Week 1 feels amazing. It’s easy. And the results arrive just as easily - you get responses and see yourself closer to your goal.

But now it’s Week 2. Maybe you do have some ideas of who to reach out to, yeah you can go to a couple events…what else? The fire dims a little. The ideas don’t come as easily. Next thing you know it’s Week 4 and you haven’t looked at your goals in 2 weeks.

So how can you continue to take action in your business that feels both exciting and in flow (aka not just doing things for the sake of doing things)?

1)    Aim for progress

Think in terms of baby steps and don’t forget that being a successful entrepreneur is a journey. Each goal will be paved with action. It’s your job to test things out and remain committed to carving the path. When you’re unsure what to do next, ask yourself – “How can I build on the momentum I created last week?” “What can I do to further what I’ve already put in place?” If you put erns in the fire, stoke that shit! Look at your goals, what’s one step you can take this week to move closer?

2)    You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

You don’t have to approach each week like your game plan needs to land you on the cover of Forbes. That’s a lot of pressure and totally goes against step 1. Instead, work to create balance. If you always operate from the mindset of needing to think and act big and out of the box, you miss the details AND diminish your ability to tap into truly inspired big ideas! Maybe this week you need to clear your office space so you feel more focused while you work or spend time with your financials. Don’t underestimate the power of giving yourself time to ideate either. To follow bread crumbs. To sit and reflect. Don’t be afraid to think small!

3)    Check in with yourself

What made you excited about what you did last week (or whenever you felt in flow)? If you’ve read Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last, you might see that excitement as a dopamine rush from all the achievement you experienced. It fades. Instead of focusing on the results, look at the actions that felt energizing beyond crossing items off your checklist?

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize the affect your energy, beliefs, patterns, attitudes, etc. affect your business. They are intertwined.  When you’re feeling like you’re pushing yourself to do things that feel unnatural, take some time to tap in to see what would most serve you and your business. Meditate. Journal:  What gives you joy in your life? Why do each of those things give you joy?  

Let’s say you love reading because you value learning new things and hearing people’s stories. So, read something related to your business or leadership, share an article you find interesting on social media, sign up for a webinar or a class, start or join a book club, interview someone you find interesting for social media, reach out to someone with a podcast to share your story! Whatever your goals are in your business, you can use your personal interests to get you there as well. Get creative and take a small step to get out there. **Bonus** This will help you work your creative problem solving muscle that will ALSO propel your business forward. Brainstorm with a friend if you’re feeling stuck!


It’s also worth checking in on what you didn’t enjoy doing. If it’s something you have to do, how can you shift to make it more enjoyable, change your mindset, or eliminate it?


Stay committed to taking action, but flexible enough to let go of what’s not working. Leave space for the Universe to fill in the unknowns and drop hints along the way. You owe it to yourself and your company to shine your brightest so make sure to take care of yourself in the process. And find someone to hold you accountable!


Good luck my friends!

Renee Beauchamp