Self-Care Is A Mindset: Create A Self-Care Routine That WORKS


We’ve arrived at our last post of our Self-Care Is A Mindset Series!

To recap:

·      Only you are responsible for meeting your needs.

·      In order to create a self-care routine that WORKS, you need to get deep and ask yourself some questions.

If you’ve done the work you should have some clarity as to how you’ve been showing up, what you need to feel cared for, and what’s been holding you back so far.   

Without this clarity, you wouldn’t be able to move forward with regular self-care practices that keep you feeling fulfilled and at peace.

So now you are ready to design your own self-care routine. We aren’t going to tell you what this routine should look like (what’s the fun in that?). But EVERY powerful self-care routine should incorporate the below tenets.


1. Exercise your awareness muscle

Bake in moments to check in with yourself. Start noticing what it feels like when you’re moving too fast or too slow. So maybe there is a time in the day where you check in and ask yourself how you are doing. Or it could be closing your eyes and taking a deep breath before hopping on a call. Whatever it is, being able to recognize how you are feeling and showing up in the moment is needed to be able to meet whatever needs you may be neglecting.

2. Do what feels good

Identify what makes you feel good. Exploring new places? Moving your body? Spending time outside? Make a list. And when you go to put it into action, be flexible. What feels good today may not be what you need tomorrow. And you don’t need to put all your feel goods in the same day. Use the awareness you’re building to help you check in with your intuition on what you need in any given day or moment.

3. Create the space

Saying you don’t have the time or money is an EXCUSE and we’re calling BS! If you can spend 2+ hours on your phone every day, you have 10 minutes throughout your day to incorporate self-care. Think about it this way, you will spend more time, money, and energy trying manage and fight through your overwhelm and anxiety than carving out some time in advance to keep yourself balanced. Treat this as a non-negotiable.  


Now you are ready to fill in the details. Start small and be real with yourself. Again, it’s not about booking spa treatments, we are talking minutes. And your routine doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated to keep up with. It doesn’t need to start at 5:30AM.

Find a friend or coach to hold you accountable.  And let us know how it goes!! We are sending support and love!

Renee Beauchamp