Nature Lovers Dream: A Medicine Walk


A few months ago I completed a Medicine Walk. A friend of mine shared this concept with me from The School of Lost Borders, but because I live on the East Coast and wasn't planning a trip to Northern Cali any time soon, I decided to do it on my own. 

What is a Medicine Walk? 

If you check out their site you'll see the details, but it is an incredible ceremony that you participate in with a group, a teacher (ie. a coach), or alone. You spend an entire day in nature from sunrise to sundown, with water, a backpack, and a journal. I did not bring any snacks and chose to fast the entire 12 hours, but if that's not possible for you please listen to your body and trust your intuition! There is no right or wrong. 

Why did I fast and walk around in the heat all day? 

Being a person who is deeply connected to nature, the experience found me...the Universe was calling me to spend more time outside. I knew there was a lesson to be learned.

Who is it for? 

Anyone going through a transition, a time in their life where they're debating next steps, or if they just want to enhance their spiritual practice. Or... just be at peace in nature! 

What did I learn? 

I am really tempted to share all my learnings, but I don't want to spoil it with anyone who is out there looking for a deep experience. Plus, everyone's experience is going to be different! I can tell you this - there are messages out there for you that the Universe is trying to share. In the form of pictures, animals, voices, connections, and so much more. Putting yourself in nature quite literally connects you with YOUR nature. As in yogic philosophy: we are all one, with nature, with each other...we have to much to learn from each other. 

More questions? 

Reach out to me about it, I'd be happy to share more. If you'd also like to participate in a Medicine Walk with me as your coach, that is a complete possibility as well. For all my nature lovers out there - I'm with you. 

Namaste <3



Antoinette Beauchamp