Letting Go: Acceptance

We all have choices. Every single day we are presented with new ones; choices of how to live our lives. You make the choice to go to the grocery store or order in. You decide whether or not you want to answer that call from your friend. You choose to stay home and lay low instead of going out. Arguably most steps we take in life are a series of choices. Of course, tragedies happen and things out of our control (outside influences on our lives) that give some a different filter on choice and how free they feel. However, one conscious choice (or unconscious in some cases, if you don’t realize you’re doing it) that we humans can make is acceptance.


“I accept the things I cannot change.” What does that mean? In my eyes this means that I acknowledge that there are things in my life that are out of my control, and I accept my role in this life – I accept that I cannot change my past and the decisions I decided to make at different stages in my life. Nor do I want to, because all of those decisions brought me to exactly where I am right now. I accept that I exist right now, in this present moment, and that is all that I’m promised.

How would it feel for you to accept things as they are and “just be”? To stop trying to control the outcome of things, to stop trying to change things, and to give up the idea that things should be or could be perfect? How would it feel for you to accept the way things happened in your past? How do these notions sound to you?

Accepting our choices is another way of taking responsibility for our lives and taking ownership over how we’ve decided to live up until this point. Acceptance is part of healing, and aids in letting go of the past – of all those emotions that keep you blocked and in a limited place. To name a few: guilt, fear, stress, sadness, blame, shame. Judging our past and what we’ve done helps no one, especially not you. Acceptance will allow some room to let go of what has happened in your life thus far and will open up a space in your heart for something new. Think about it!