Transform Your Thinking: “Have-tos” into “Want-tos”


If the upcoming weekend consisted of going to see family, a friend’s bridal shower, trip to the grocery store, and spending too much money at Walgreens, how would you feel? Would you fill with excitement at the idea of catching up with loved ones, supporting a friend, and supporting yourself? Or would you complain about how far you have to drive, how little time you have to yourself, how tired you are?

People have made a habit of seeing these things as obligations and obstacles keeping them from doing what they really want. But when did we start seeing opportunities as obligations?

As children, we find excitement in the little things. A trip to the grocery store means picking out your favorite snack, sitting in the cart, kicking your leg up and basically flying the cart around the store. Somewhere along the way with work, schedules and adulthood, we convinced ourselves there isn’t enough time for that or anything else. Plus, who cares?

You care! Whether you’re out to dinner with family or ordering dumplings from your couch, these are the moments of your life.

Going into this weekend, can you reconnect with your child-like wonder and enjoy the little things? Transform your “have-tos” into “want-tos”, put on the rose-colored glasses, fill the half empty glass to the top, and ride the cart around the store. Because why not?! #yolo