Perception Shift: How to "Manage" Time


“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

“I don’t have enough time”

“I can’t find the time to do it”

Statements that you hear others and yourself say ALL THE TIME. And totally normal, right? People feel like time is flying, and it makes sense, and it’s true for some (well, most), but why we do spend so much TIME talking about it? It’s a topic of conversation pretty often, unconsciously, and in more of a complaint-like tone than one of excitement and positivity. The dreaded, “Ugh, can’t, don’t have enough time.”, “Too busy”.

In our talk at SXSW led by Antoinette, we suggest that there be a shift in today’s perspective of time. Instead of seeing it as dreaded and scarce, that we shift our mindset toward time and look at it through a lens of abundance. That there is MORE than enough time. And approach each day with a feeling of freedom and space. How? How can we shift the mindset?

Meditation, presence, and choice. And practice.

Watch the video here and reach out if you’re interested in shifting your mindset from