Know Your Worth: A Mindset Program

Know Your Worth: A Mindset Program


A 14-week coaching program that empowers you to step into your power and own who YOU are. This print version is writing-friendly - ample room for journaling!

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The intention of this coaching workbook is to give you a fresh new mindset, challenge the status quo, and ultimately increase your level of self-worth and confidence so you can face the world head-on and heart-first. By opening your eyes to your worth and developing a more positive mindset, you'll have the tools and the motivation to make the changes you need to start living the life YOU want. 

This workbook is inspired by our best practices developed over hundreds of hours of coaching sessions combined with what we've learned from Core Energy Coaching™, yogic philosophies, and spiritual thought-leaders. Here, you'll find a mix of developmental exercises, meditation, deep self-reflection, and more designed to create a comprehensive program with your ultimate growth in mind!

Your journey will be filled with positive change, deep work, and important revelations intended to increase your energy, confidence, and level of fulfillment in your life. Believing in yourself is KEY! This workbook will take you to the edge of your boundaries, so you can expand, fly, and take your life to the next level.