"My coaching experience with Antoinette has been a very positive one. If you are lacking a supportive presence in your life, an outside voice that can challenge your patterns of thoughts and behaviors, then Antoinette is a great resource. During our sessions, Antoinette has modeled for me a vibrant and encouraging energy. At the time, I found this extremely helpful because I was in a period of doubt. I knew the principles of thought patterns, of mindfulness, but I struggled in applying them and even believing that I could apply them. Antoinette was living proof that the principles work and she also supported me in my period of non-belief. Not only is she an insightful coach, but she is also a very genuine and uplifting personality, which helps greatly in fostering a wonderful coach-client relationship. Because our relationship was so comfortable, I was able to be completely at ease and open about my struggles. Antoinette has the ability to give her clients the space to share their stories without feeling judged; she is wonderful at unconditionally appreciating her clients' personalities; and most importantly she is able to guide her clients and "hold their hand" as they find their own answers and implement the changes needed in their lives." - Georgiana, OH

"It is not easy to find the type of person who you immediately click with and who supports you in an instant. This is exactly the experience I have had with Antoinette from the start of our journey together. Unconditional love and support in an instant that has only grown. I have learned more about myself and the path I want to take in this life in just a few months. I feel more calm and present then I ever have and I have discovered new ventures that I want to focus on that were hiding in the shadows. I am truly connected to myself, my family and friends, and to my goals. So grateful to have found Antoinette and to what my growth will look like in another three months!" - Jamie, NY

"Antoinette has been a huge support for me in gaining clarity and harnessing motivation in all areas of my life . She has guided me in love relationships, helped me to get a raise at work, and provided me with focus and direction with regards to incorporating healthy and rewarding behaviors on a daily basis. She is such a great listener and has a unique ability to recall the most detailed information. Most of all I love how she enables me to create my life in a way that brings me immense joy and empowerment. She is truly one of a kind." - Joshua, FL

"It all started when…I was introduced to Antoinette by a friend of a friend who was a client of hers.  This woman met me and said she could see the heartbreak in my eyes.   And, she thought she knew someone who could help.  When I met Antoinette, I was in a deep dark hole of shame, blame, and loneliness.  I was struggling with a breakup, that I thought was my fault.  The breakup was the end of a relationship that I thought was THE relationship.  I had previously worked with a life coach specializing in dating and felt that I had manifested my soulmate.  I believed that I was so much happier with him than I had ever been.  This caused me to become fearful that I might lose him...classic waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I believed my fear became a self-fulfilling prophecy, that he sensed my fear and pulled away.  It all fell apart. In retrospect, this style of thinking and self blame was not productive.  First of all, it takes two to make or break any relationship.  And secondly, my "soulmate" would not leave me for feeling afraid, but rather embrace my vulnerability and reassure me that this was just an old feeling of unworthiness rearing its ugly head.  I deduced this working with Antoinette.  She also taught me that everyone has negative thoughts and experiences fear.  It is impossible to be perfect and vibrate at a high level of energy 100% of the time.  I had these a-ha moments, and many more while working with Antoinette and completing the exercises and readings she recommended to help me progress.   I chose Antoinette because of her energy work.  I no longer wanted to work with a dating coach, but rather a ME coach!  My goal of our work together was to reclaim the happiness, confidence, gratitude, and full life that I had experienced prior to meeting this man.  Antoinette specializes in intuition and energy.  Her intuition is always on point and she truly helped me dig deep into places that I never wanted to go.  This was necessary to clear out old limiting beliefs along with unhelpful thoughts and feelings.  She always emphasizes the importance of self-love, vulnerability, and most of all...ruthless compassion! She taught me that I am worthy of love and that maybe deep down I had a little gremlin who did not believe that.  Our work together helped to rectify that issue and allowed me to be and to see the best version of myself. Antoinette certainly walks the walk and lives in alignment with what she teaches.  Her incredible spirit and energy were palpable every session.  And she cares above and beyond what I have experienced with other coaches and therapists that I've worked with in the past.  She worked with me to give me what I needed, even between sessions.  I never ever felt alone or like "just a client" with her.   Antoinette helped me succeed and meet my goals.  At our final session, although I was sad to finish, I felt ready.  I was grateful for our time together; I was happy again.  And perhaps most importantly, I felt calm and hopeful for the future.   My outstanding unfulfilled desire is a life long romantic partnership.  Antoinette helped my pin point what it is I am looking for and why - and helped facilitate a mindset and behaviors that are getting me closer to that long term goal.  I am once again actively dating and enjoying the process.  I am curious and not judgmental.  My self-worth, self-love, compassion for myself and others, and clear picture of what type of connection I am seeking are helping me deal with frustration, disappointment, and rejection that are unavoidable in dating.  She has bestowed upon me a lasting sense of internal peace and serenity. I will be forever grateful for everything she has done.  I certainly foresee myself working with Antoinette in the future to maximize my ability to create my dream life!  She helped rekindle the flame in my soul that the heartbreak had dwindled and it's burning stronger than ever before." - Kimberly, NY   

"I started working with Antoinette during a major transition in my life. I felt lost and uncertain about my future. I was searching for answers. She guided me towards clarity and purpose. Antoinette often says that she doesn’t do anything – that the answers lie within. Her greatest skill is making you believe that’s true. By showing me that I already had the answers, and facilitating my path to find those answers, Antoinette helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. In her, I found an excellent guide. A zen master. A true friend." - Mike, IL  

"Working with Antoinette was the most transformative self growth decision I've made. Within an hour she managed to go deeper and get to the root of what I truly wanted, with concrete steps on how to get there. Her demeanor, positivity and energy is contagious, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to grow. I can't thank her enough!" Katya, NY