Together we can transform all aspects of your life and lead you to:
a positive mindset, constant feeling of fulfillment, clarity, improved relationships, increased energy and vitality, confidence, inner peace
Why Coaching?
We truly feel that everyone can benefit from working with a coach. It’s not something for the "broken" or "lost", but is designed to help happy and driven people move forward in their lives with purpose, vision, and confidence. we’re here to help you tackle those stubborn patterns and thoughts you have been unable to release on your own.
What is coaching?
Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client that supports and promotes the growth and healing of the client. Antoinette works with clients to fulfill their visions, heal inner blocks, shift mindsets, and step into their utmost level of confidence and fulfillment. If you’ve heard the term “up-leveling”, that’s exactly what coaching helps you do! Increase all aspects of your life, starting with you, your energy, your will, your power, and more.

how is coaching different than therapy?
There is a lot of interaction and a ‘working together’ vibe that you don’t necessarily get from therapy in our coaching process. Therapy is an amazing way to release a LOT of pent up energy and can be an incredible healing technique. Coaching differs in the way that Antoinette prompts a lot of deep questions and often offers insights based on the clients needs and place in their life and their energy. Her intuitive abilities and personality create a collaborative environment and space – truly like a coach would coach someone in sports (minus the yelling! Lol!)

What can i expect in this process
That Antoinette is a neutral party, with complete objectivity and zero judgment on you and your situation. That she loves you unconditionally, and will be your cheerleader and biggest supporter no matter what!
You can also expect many shifts and changes in your life, big and little surprises and serendipitous experiences all around you. These changes are typically immediate but varies with each client!

What will we talk about?
You decide! You choose the focus of each session based on whatever is coming up in your life. Whether it’s work, relationships, anxiety, stress, confidence, etc...sky is the limit. Whatever you decide to talk about kicks off a call that can lead anywhere!
Even if you don’t have a specific issue that’s top of mind, on the call you'll end up diving deep into the source of your discomfort, the whys, and end up uncovering some amazing stuff!!

I’m looking for a business coach, do you help with that?
Yes and no! We offer Founder Coaching, which is our version of executive coaching, and Energy Leadership Consulting. While we do cover business-related topics such as entrepreneurship, fulfillment, leadership, employee relations and retention, etc. we do not offer tactical business strategies. But if that is what you are looking for, we do have a partner we have worked with in the past to give clients the holistic package! Reach out to clientlove@oneandmany.co for more details!

Could my Co-Founder and I be coached together?

How long should I be coached?
We are very flexible with how people start off with us because we understand there may be some fear when first signing on. We recommend weekly coaching sessions for at least 6-months, but we’re happy to work with you on what feels comfortable.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary because packages and offerings are so unique to each client! We also offer payment plans.

If we didn’t cover all your questions, we’ll make it up to you on your free discovery call! If you’re already having fears come up about your current bandwidth/calendar and what you can and cannot afford, those are both excellent topics you can work through with your coach!
or email us at hello@oneandmany.co